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July 2017

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As heating and cooling contractors, we always seem to talk about be more energy efficient in the house. But, what about outside? Here are some easy ways to saving on energy cost around your yard.

  1. Use solar lights

To light any outdoor space like a garden, deck or pool area, use solar-powered lights. These lights charge all day and run on solar energy to provide light at night.

  1. Install motion sensors

Lights that are hooked to monitors can reduce lighting costs by up to 30%. In outdoor spaces they can also frighten off unwanted visitors.

  1. Use a broom

Don’t waste water and/or power by using a power washer or leaf blower washing to clean driveways and decks. Plus, sweeping is good exercise!

  1. Plant trees

Not only does planting a tree beautify your yard, it also cleans the air by absorbing carbon dioxide.

  1. Don’t rake your lawn

Grass clippings are an important natural fertilizer. They put nutrients go back into the soil, improving the health of your lawn. Plus, think of all the time you’ll save by not raking and bagging.

  1. Water early morning or late evening

Homeowners who must water their grass should avoid doing so during the sun’s peak hours as the heat will burn the water off before it has a chance to nourish the lawn. Instead, water in the early morning or evening when the sun is not at its height. This will reduce water waste and nourish the grass as well.