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September 2017

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The days are getting cooler and shorter. The kids are back in school and hockey season has begun. It’s hard to believe winter is just around the corner. Here are some tips that will make your home more comfortable and energy efficient when winter hits.

  1. Fill in the cracks.

    Your house probably has small (or large) gaps and cracks that allow heat to escape and cold air inside. These gaps commonly occur:

  • around doors and windows
  • around ducts and vents (ac, plumbing, heating)
  • cracks in masonry and brickwork
  1. Service your heating units.

    Have your furnace and fireplace serviced by a professional heating and cooling contractor. This service should be done annually and will reduce energy costs and extend the life of your equipment.

  1. Install a heat recovery ventilator (HRV).

    An HRV will the proper amount of fresh air into your home with allowing cold air in. This will keep your home well ventilated in the cold of winter and will reduce your heating bill at the same time. It’s like opening a window in the winter.

  1. Control Humidity.

    It’s hard to think about humidity in the winter, when humidity is a good thing. A dry house is uncomfortable and can cause dry skin and nose bleeds. Installing a furnace humidifier will allow you to control the amount of moisture in the air, improving air quality and home comfort.

  1. Use a Timer.

    Install a thermostat with a timer. Set your inside temperature a few degrees lower during the day, when your at work.

  1. Cover Your Floors.

    Your can add insulation value to your floors by adding area rugs. By covering tile, hardwood and concrete floors will keep things cozy.