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December 2017

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6 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe This Winter.

When it comes to keeping a safe home in the winter, it’s a good idea to start practicing a bit of preventative maintenance by having your home inspected by a licensed heating and air conditioning professional. It is best to have this done every autumn, before the winter chill sets in, so that you are not dealing with a malfunctioning or broken furnace when it is the least convenient. This is also a way of establishing a good relationship with your local heating and air conditioning contractor, who will also keep parts in stock for your furnace or gas fireplace. The same inspector can also ensure that the blower on your furnace is working and that your ducts and vents are clear and clean.


Aside from having your furnace and gas fireplace professionally cleaned, which is the most important tip of all, there are five main things that you can do on your own to make sure that all of your heating and ventilation systems are working properly:

1 – Don’t Forget the Chimney

A full chimney inspection is necessary if you use wood fires to heat your home. It is important that a certified chimney cleaner inspect your chimney for creosote, damage and debris to make sure that it can be used safely over the winter months. A blocked chimney can result in smoke flowing into the home or even a fire due to a chimney collapse.

2 – Test Smoke Detectors

Test your smoke detectors and change the batteries. Make sure that your smoke detectors are fully functional, especially if you are burning wood fires in a brick fireplace or using space heaters to spot warm areas of your home.

3 – Protect Your Family From Carbon Monoxide

Install C02 detectors. This is important because if your gas furnace or gas fireplace malfunctions, it could leak carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide gas is toxic can overcome your home and cause fatalities, especially at night when everyone is sleeping.

4 – Check Your Electrical Outlets

Avoid overloading one electrical outlet with too many space heaters. Buy a grounded outlet and only purchase space heaters with three-prongs to avoid electrical shocks and fires in wall outlets.

5 – Don’t Leave Space Heaters or Fireplaces Unattended

Be careful around space heaters and fireplaces.  Make sure you have a sturdy, secure screen in front of wood-burning fireplaces and never leave a burning fire unattended. Keep pets, toddlers, and others away from gas fireplaces, which have glass facades that can very hot and burn skin. It is also a good idea to place space heaters out of the reach of children and make sure that cords are placed in a way that people do not trip over them.

Bonus Tip: Consider Upgrading to a High-Efficiency Furnace

If your furnace is quite old, it might be time to invest in a high-efficiency unit. This measure will help reduce the cost of your utility bills so that you are not ever anxious about cranking up the heat when you most need it. New appliances are also safer than older ones, which are prone to breaking down. Financing plans are available for homeowners or landlords who want to upgrade their property with a heat efficient furnace. For those who need to live a few more years with an older furnace, you can also purchase energy-efficient gas fireplaces, space heaters, and garage heaters.

If you are looking for a furnace assessment and quote then contact RHMH Heating and Air Conditioning today. We are a heating contractor in Timmins who specializes in new furnace sales and can help upgrade your current heating unit or replace it with a high-efficiency furnace so that your home is warm and cozy all winter.