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Holiday House Safety Tips

Holiday House Safety Tips

The time we look forward to all year has finally arrived. The holidays are wonderful for many different reasons, but it certainly can be a busy time of year. Between wrapping presents and preparing a holiday feast it’s easy to let your guard down. They are a few precautionary steps you can take to ensure you and your family’s safety so you can make sure nothing interferes with spending quality time together:

1. Reposition the tree

Think about the position of your Christmas tree and make sure it is kept away from all power and heat sources. Keeping it hydrated is another important step in making it less flammable, or you could opt for an artificial tree to reduce the maintenance.

2. Use the fireplace with care

Make sure your fireplace is in good working condition and clean before sparking it up for the holiday season. Invest in a guard to keep children and pets safe from the flames.

Another important reminder is to not burn wrapping paper. Many types of wrapping paper give off toxic fumes when burned. Paper also burns very quickly so there is the danger that the flames may enter the chimney and ignite creosote deposits.

3. Keep pets away from plants

It’s always a good rule of thumb to check if your house plants can be toxic to animals, especially around the holidays when it’s tradition to hang plants such as mistletoe and holly. Here’s a handy list of toxic plants to be mindful of.

4. Cook with caution

Holiday cooking can be overwhelming, but it’s important to be present when food is cooking. Do not leave anything unattended and make sure to double check that all devices are turned off.

5. Inspect christmas lights

Christmas lights can endure a lot of damage being stowed away in boxes all year and it’s best you check their state before hanging. Replace any bulbs that have burnt out and consider putting them on a timer to reduce your hydro bill.

6. Test smoke alarm

Testing your smoke alarm is one of the most important things you can do this holiday season. With all the cooking and lights we can expect this time of year, it is top priority that your fire alarm is in working condition.

7. Climb safely

If you’re using a ladder this year to hang lights or dress the tree then make sure you have the right one for the job. Double check for a certification mark to ensure your ladder complies with applicable standards. It also never hurts to have someone nearby when climbing a ladder, especially when working outside in cold and wet weather conditions.

Start the holiday festivities knowing your home – and your family – is protected with these holiday house safety tips. It may be another thing to add to the growing to-do list, but it could save you from some serious mishaps.

Wishing you a safe and happy holidays!