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Central Air Conditioning Timmins Purchasing Tips

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Central Air Conditioning Timmins Purchasing Tips Everyone loves the idea of a hot summer. The winter can be gruelling but we always forget how intense the summer can be as well. This is especially true if you can’t even seek comfort inside, because you don’t have air conditioning. If you’re ready to love summer again,…

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What does the Energy Star Logo Mean?

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You’ve seen this logo everywhere!  On washers and dryer; on dishwashers and refrigerators; on TV’s and computers; on air conditioners and furnaces.  But, what does it mean? Energy efficiency is something that every homeowner or building manager cares about. Whether you’re just paying your utility bills at home or you’re running a business, no one…

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Energy Saving Tips for Pet Owners

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  If you own your own home, then you’re free to have any type of animal companion you like, including furry, four-legged friends like dogs and cats. But even when you’re ready to go to work, and the kids go off to school, your pets stay at home. Have you ever considered what that could…

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