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Warm inside, even on the coldest days.

At RHMH, we have a full selection of heating products to heat your home, office or garage . We can provide an energy efficient solution that will REDUCE UTILITY BILLS and make your home COMFORTABLE, even on the COLDEST winter days!

The products we sell, rent, and service include:


Home comfort, even in a heat wave

At RHMH, we know air conditioning. We know that heat of summer can be unbearable without the proper cooling system in your home. Let us make your home COMFORTABLE and ENERGY EFFICIENT , even during the HOTTEST summer days! Regardless if you need a complete Central Air Solution or Ductless AC unit, we can keep you cool.

Hot Water

Hot water always

We know you need hot water to run your home: showers, baths, dishes, laundry…. Is there anything worse than running out of hot water? We depend on it and only realize how much we do when it’s not there.

At RHMH, we have your hot water solution.

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