At RHMH, we know that businesses depend on their roof top HVAC units to be reliable, efficient and cost effective. If you’re busy running your business, let us worry about your HVAC. Our experienced HVAC technicians will ensure your heating and cooling systems are working properly.


We know that when a commercial HVAC unit breaks down, it can affect your business – uncomfortable customers and staff, damaged equipment and inventory. When a breakdown happens, our HVAC technicians are only a call away.

We guarantee:

Maintenance Plans

At RHMH, we offer Annual Service Plans for your commercial HVAC units. Our annual service inspections will:

  • help avoid unexpected breakdowns, that can cost your business and cause frustration
  • extend the life of your HVAC units
  • help avoid large repair bills
  • reduce utility costs
  • improve air quality


At RHMH, we can design and install a reliable, energy efficient, cost effective HVAC solution for your business. We will ensure that your heating and cooling system will meet the needs for your business for years to come, keeping your customers and employees comfortable, while helping to protect your inventory and equipment.

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