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Hvac Safety Tips For Kids

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With back to school just around the corner it’s time we start thinking about our children’s safety. This can mean a number of things to parents, but have you ever considered including HVAC as part of your safety procedures? One area of safety that is often overlooked is the heating and cooling equipment in our homes. These HVAC safety tips for kids will clear up any questions you have and ensure your kids are safe all year round.


Vents are designed to keep things out while allowing for air circulation, but like everything else, they endure wear and tear. Screws holding it in place can become loose overtime and create a hazard for children, especially small children whose curiosity will have them wanting to crawl inside.

It’s worth it to double-check your vent very so often to make sure it is secure. Also take this time to check if anything has put into the vent, or invest in a vent cover to prevent this from happening all together.


Any piece of HVAC equipment can be hazardous to children since they are made of metal and often have sharp corners. With kids playing and running around (especially outside) accidents are bound to happen. There are also hot surfaces and electrical wires that a child can come in contact with.

The best method of prevention is to install a protective cage around the unit or some kind of barrier. This will also prevent children from dropping anything in the unit, which could have a costly effect in repairs.


Too much tampering with your thermostat can not only impact your energy bill, but it can also damage your HVAC system overtime.

Try and keep the thermostat out of reach, or install a protective barrier – such as a lockbox – around it so kids are unable to access it.

These are a few simple steps you can take to ensure your child’s safety around HVAC equipment. A little bit of prevention can go along way, and as your kids get older you can always explain the dangers to them directly.